1 Colour Printed Envelopes

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Single colour printed envelopes are a very cost effective advertising tool, much more so than an unprinted envelope. Giving visibility to your company or organisation by advertsing your name in print directly onto the envelope. The envelope can be printed in black or any colour of your choice. Often the envelope is printed to the face, usually with a logo and perhaps your company name and motto. It is also common to print your company address or postage return address onto the envelope. The return address can be incorporated in the design for the face of the envelope or printed onto the reverse flap.

1 Colour Printed Envelope Uses

The most common uses for 1 colour printed envelopes are:

  • Pre-Paid Envelopes
  • BRE (Business reply Envelopes).
  • Commercial Envelopes
  • Charity and Donation Collection

Please read the short guide provided below for each of these types of use.

PPI, Postage Paid Indicia & Pre-Paid Envelopes

A postage paid indicia would normally accompany your personal print. A postage paid indicia or PPI as commonly known is the equivalent of stamp or postage frank. If you have a Royal Mail posting account or alternative mail service provider, you will be given a PPI number or reply paid service number for use with a business reply envelopes. Having your own PPI saves you time franking or applying stamps to your envelope. This is one example of how printed envelopes are cost effective. Depending on your Royal Mail service or alternative mail supplier service, you can save money on postage cost. Follow this useful link to the Royal Mail.

Business Reply Envelope

The BRE or business Reply Envelope is largely a 1 colour printed envelop. The envelope would normally be a D/L size envelope 110 x 220. However we do also produce a high volume of C5 Reply Envelopes 162 x 229. The envelope would generally be a self seal or gummed seal. The weight or thickness of the envelope would be 90gsm or 100gsm, this keeps within the royal mail weight and size guidelines. The colour of the envelope will be white or brown (manilla). The artwork is very simple to create using the royal mail artwork generator. Alternatively we can create the artwork for you. You might want to embellish your envelope by adding your company logo or name to the envelope. This can still be a 1 colour printed envelope at no extra cost, this is providing the artwork is created for dedicated 1 colour envelope printing. Please visit our artwork guideline page for more details or follow this useful link.

Commercial Envelopes

Commercial 1 colour printed envelopes are for everyday use .The size would normally be C6, D/L, C5 or C4 size depending on your needs. Commercial envelopes can be printed in any colour, not just black. For example we could print your logo in the colour of your choice without extra charge. For that one off advertising campaign or distribution of your company brochure you may like to use colour envelopes or a combination of both.  We have a range of high quality “vibrant colour ” envelopes or “pastel shades”producing striking results. The choice of envelope is vast, you may wish to produce your one colour envelope onto a high grade “business” envelope or perhaps use the “conqueror” range. These envelopes would be 120gsm in weight, giving a superior feel and greater rigidity. The envelope would be “peel seal” offering a greater shelf life. A longer shelf life will enable you to place orders for larger quantities. Larger orders reduce the unit cost, saving you money. For more details please visit or envelope size and style page.

Charity & Donation Envelopes

Printed envelopes are a very effective tool for promoting charities and boosting collections. Printed envelopes are a must for a well thought out campaign. Not only do the printed envelopes provide a secure sealed method for collecting cash or cheque’s, they also provide a fantastic advertising canvas for your charity. The design can be as simple or complex as you wish, from 1 colour to full colour. The artwork will nearly always contain the charity registration number, gift aid option and provision for the donor to give their details. Because every penny matters, we recommend using a 90gsm white self seal envelope. This envelope is good quality without being extravagant.  We also strongly recommend using a d/l size envelope, this is a perfect for collecting bank notes, without the need to fold the note.

For advice or a quote please contact our team of experts T: 02392 50 20 52                        E: sales@just-printedenvelopes.com or us our simple quote form.