Envelope Options

Printed Envelope Options

There are virtually no restrictions on the envelopes we can print for you! Below are some envelope options for you to consider when making your choice about what is best for you. If you don t see what you are looking for we have hundreds of other options including size, colour, window position, type of seal and style of envelope. We are here to help and advise, simply contact us for expert advise on the right combination of options for you.

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Envelope Sizes

The main envelope sizes are:

DL = 110x220mm (4 ⅓x 8⅔inches) – takes an A4 sheet folded twice.

C6 = 114x162mm (4 ½x 6⅜inches) – ideal for in Invitations etc.

C5 = 229x162mm (9 x 6⅜inches) – takes an A4 sheet folded once across the middle.

C4 = 324x229mm (12¾ x 9 inches) – takes an unfolded A4 sheet

There are many more size options available, please contact us for further information.

Window Options

There is the option to choose a ‘window’ version which is an envelope with a transparent panel that reveals the name and address details of the intended recipient which are printed on the first enclosure sheet or a plain envelope where you address the envelope by hand or pre-printed label.

Seal Options

There are three types of seal to choose from – gummed envelopes, self-seal envelopes or peel & seal envelopes. No matter which option you choose, good dry, stable storage is important to maximise the lifespan of your envelopes

Gummed is an envelope that is ideal if your mail shot is to be assembled by your in-house mailing machinery or outsourced to a specialist fulfillment company, like ourselves. (Fulfillment link). The gummed range seal by moistening the latex layer on the flap and press seal, (lick and stick in old money). Gummed envelopes have a shelf-life of about 12 to 18 months or more, depending on the conditions they are stored in.

Self-seal envelopes are pre-glued with latex,  using two flaps which open and are pressed together forming a bond. Self seal have a life span of around 12 to 18 months before the latex deteriorates. It is important to consider how quickly you will use your envelopes before considering the type of seal.

Peel-seal are similar to self-seal except that there is a peel strip covering the latex gummed flap in order to keep the gummed areas fresher for longer. The shelf life of the peel seal option is greater than that of gummed or self seal because the latex is protected offering freshness up to 5 years. Shelf-life is important as you can make savings if you are organising a mailing campaign over a period of time because you can save money by getting all your envelopes printed at the same time.

Envelope Style Options

There are 3 main types of style.  Wallet, Pocket, Banker. The choice of style is generally dictated by preference rather than use or technical reasons. Again we are here to help you decide the right option.

Wallet: The opening is on long edge of the envelope.  It is available in all 3 types of seal, gummed, self seal or peel seal. and choice of window or plain.

Pocket: The opening for the pocket style is along the short edge. Self seal and peel seal are the most common seal choices for a pocket. Self seal will be supplied with and open flap which folds directly onto a gummed strip on the main body of the envelope. peel seal will be supplied generally with closed flaps.

Gummed banker: Often used for invitations or greeting cards, this style has a diamond shaped, gummed flap, exactly the same as greetings cards etc. Generally without a window option

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